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Our work-shop layout is in three separate sections:

Range Line is designed around fast turn-around, along with maximum efficiency. Typically we produce sizes 25NB up to 65NB.

The lay-out of the workshop is such that up to seven people can all be producing output simultaneously to meet customer requirements.

Marking, cutting area, where pipe enters the manufacturing process.

Roll Grooving/ Threading Area, with machines at each end to eliminate manual handling.
In-line drilling, configured with a three drill set-up for greater efficiency.

Two welding bays, which are primarily used for MIG welding of fabricated range pipe work.
Quality assurance & product finishing area, involving painting; checking, bundling & strapping.

Mains Line has been designed to eliminate manual handling while still achieving maximum efficiency. On the main line, we commonly work with pipe sizes from 65NB to 300NB. Contact us to discuss your requirements for larger sized pipe.

The layout is set up in a U shape to enable pipe to enter one side of the workshop, process through the necessary steps and be ready for collection on the other side of the workshop. Several areas are multi-purpose, enabling versatility and quick turnaround time.


Cutting area has a semi-auto bandsaw with capacity up to 330mm diameter.
Roll grooving area which has two machines set up in tandem to allow for grooving pipe both ends, reducing manual handling required at this step.


Marking out, cutting, & tacking area. We also have the option of welding in this bay, depending on the work load.
Welding bay, which is primarily used for MIG welding of fabricated mains pipe work.

Quality assurance & product finishing area, involving painting, checking, bundling & strapping.

General Engineering Section provides custom fabrication as required to support customer needs.


General Engineering Section provides facilities to custom fabricate items according to customer specifications. Work typically performed in this area includes, but is not limited to hydrants, droppers, cotton reels and manifolds.


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